Disclaimer for 1990 to 2002 Mercedes 129

Robbins Part Numbers 2042R, 3142R and 3152R; Tops and Rear Window Assemblies for Mercedes 129 Body, SL Class

mercedes-1990.jpgThe raising and lowering motion of 1990-2002 Mercedes 300SL, 500SL, 600SL, SL320, SL500 and SL600 convertible power top frames can cause fraying around window openings, plastic quarter window and center window seams to fail, plastic windows to crack, as well as rub holes and cause other severe abrasion damage.

Mercedes has made numerous changes to the top and rear window assembly to try to overcome these problems. Ref. MBNA Service Information (S.I.) bulletins: 77/4, 77/12, 77/26A, 77/37, 77/39, and others which may be obtained from Mercedes.

Robbins has modified its 2042R, 3142R and 3152R tops and rear window assemblies to duplicate the changes Mercedes made, but these do not eliminate the basic problems caused by the top frame.

Robbins therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage to its products caused by 1990-2002 SL top frames. Thank you for your understanding.