Why Buy Robbins Convertible Tops from Convertible Top.com

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ConvertibleTop.com and Robbins Auto Top are committed to manufacturing high quality products which offer long term value to convertible owners.

We use only first quality toppings and original style components and finest custom workmanship to manufacture our Convertible Tops, Glass and Plastic Windows, Tonneau Covers, Top Boots, Headliners and accessories. 

Precision Convertible Top Cutting EquipmentComputerized Cutting: Robbins uses advanced Gerber Cutter cutting technology to design and cut its products.

Factory Designs Duplicated or Improved: Robbins duplicates factory designs, and improves upon them when necessary. They add reinforcements, use better heatsealing processes, and other manufacturing techniques; to produce high quality products.

Heatsealed Reinforcements: Robbins heatseal its reinforcements in most of our products for extra strength and to prevent side to side shrinkage in tops. Heatsealed reinforcements will not bubble or fail over time as do most glued reinforcements.

Glass Windows: All Robbins glass windows are manufactured using full width, first quality toppings. They heatseal glass into their tops and glass window assemblies using the same techniques as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Saab and other convertible manufacturers; and do not use inferior methods which produce weak bonds such as using silicone to install glass into window assemblies. They add reinforcements for extra strength when necessary, use all factory style extrusions and components, and carefully finish our glass window assemblies.

Robbins offers clear, tinted and tinted with heater/defroster glass windows as convertibles were originally equipped. Their glass windows are made using tempered safety glass, and are marked AS-2 to show they meet all requirements of the National Traffic and Vehicle Safety Act, and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, No. 205 (Glazing Materials CF MVSS 205).

Plastic Windows: Like their tops and glass windows, they use only full width, first quality toppings to manufacture our plastic window assemblies. They duplicate all factory style extrusions and components.

Convertible Top Manufacturing EquipmentFinish and Detail: Robbins purchases full width cloth and vinyl binding materials that are run to their specifications, to make most bindings they use to finish our tops and other products. Their bindings are more supple and sew on easily without bunching around tight curves on tops. Stitching in our products is held to a uniform length, and we do not ship products with broken or erratic stitches.

Pre-Punched Bolt Holes And Alignment Guide Holes: Robbins has added pre-punched bolt holes and alignment guide holes for precise fit and to speed installation in late model Chrysler, Mustang, and GM convertible tops and glass windows. For many other tops and window assemblies we show alignment guide holes for trimmers to correctly position top quarters and glass and plastic window assemblies.

Innovation is part of the Robbins Heritage: Robbins has been granted a number of patents for our innovative designs, such as our Rainguard deck seam process for 1980-93 VW Rabbit and Cabriolet convertibles; and our Flex-Hinge extrusion for folding glass rear windows.

In 1994 Robbins developed the first tops with glass window for 1990-97 Miata convertibles in order to offer owners a top that is far superior to factory tops with plastic windows.

Testing and Quality Systems: For each lot of topping we receive Robbins performs stretch testing, sew testing and heatseal testing. We test all lots of thread, plastic sheets and other critical raw materials before they can be used to manufacture our products.



SINCE 1943, three generations of the Robbins family have contributed to Robbins Auto Top. Their experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of convertible tops, glass and plastic windows, tonneau covers and related products is unmatched in the industry.